A Number Of Hydroxy Acids Can Be Used

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Pyruvic acid is an alpha-ketoacid and an efficient peeling agent [37]. It presents keratolytic, antimicrobial and sebostatic properties in addition to the power to stimulate new collagen manufacturing and the formation of elastic fibers [38]. Using 40%-70% pyruvic acid has been proposed for the remedy of reasonable acne scars [39, 40]. Unwanted effects embody desquamation, crusting in areas of thinner pores and skin, intense stinging, and a burning sensation during therapy. Pyruvic acid has stinging and irritating vapors for the upper respiratory mucosa, and it's advisable to ensure ample ventilation during utility.

Particular body-contouring procedures provided at our plastic surgical procedure office in Nashville, TN, embody buttock elevate, ("butt lift"), thigh lift, liposuction, abdominoplasty ("tummy tuck"), arm raise, and breast lift. These body contouring procedures could be performed on their own or in combination for контрактубекс постакне optimal results. Go to our Beauty Surgical procedure Procedures page for more information about any of those particular person options.

If you plan to make use of this cure for genital warts, merely break a steam of leaf of milkweed and rub the sap on the affected skin space. Nonetheless, given that this pure substance is sort of strong and can irritate the sensitive pores and skin within the genital space, chances are you'll need to dilute it earlier than making use of the treatment.